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My name is Dennis Chow a.k.a. Fat-Cow

I am a web developer with design background & now focus on front end web development

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By taking things one step at a time, you will find yourself actually mastering each specific skill and accomplishing your goals!

I enjoy problem-solving and turning them into sleek and easy-to-use interface designs! I'm passionate about client-side logic, fun micro-interactions, content presentation, and writing code that's both beautiful and efficient. Whether it's HTML5, CSS (LESS/SASS), or JavaScript (Vanilla/jQuery/ReactJS), I always tend follow best practices.

When I'm not in front of my computer, you'll probably find me at the gym lifting weights, jamming out to music with my headphones, indulging in delicious food, or sharing pictures on Instagram.

Ratio of Passions

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I am proud to have been part of such remarkable organizations

  • BMO Financial Group
  • cherrypicks
  • Somday App/Catalysthics
  • Nova Founders Capital
  • Edirectinsure Group
  • FWD Insurance
  • bolttech

What do people say about me?

“Testimonials from whom I have collaborated with”

I had the privilege of working with Dennis Chow. He is is proactive, result oriented and responsible. He is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done.

picture of Alfonso Rodriguez

Alfonso Rodriguez

Senior Software Developer at EdirectInsure Group

Dennis' passion for the details led us to build up an incredible frontend application that made hundreds of USD revenue and several happy customers that never struggled to use it, because he strives to understand perfectly what is needed, to deliver a state-of-the-art solution that fits every need, and yet, he always goes further demanding himself higher quality; he's never satisfied! He is a solid developer, team-player but yet autonomous and motivated and posses an unique sense of aesthetic and functioning that steps-up every project he works for. I am glad to have had the opportunity and privilege to work along with him.

picture of Mario Álvarez

Mario Álvarez

IT Lead | DevOps | Release Manager at EdirectInsure Group

Dennis proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of improve my JavaScript and CSS knowledge with him, he is very competent, responsible, experienced and you will not want to miss having him as a front-end developer.

picture of Andre Silva

Andre Silva

Web Development Engineer at EdirectInsure Group

Dennis, efficient front-end developer, always provide the best solution for the best web site performance. It's always a pleasure to work with people so dedicated and truthfully passion for their job like Dennis.

picture of Idalia Alvarez

Idalia Alvarez

UI/UX Designer at Nova Founders Capital

Dennis is a very disciplined, hardworking, efficient and talented experienced front-end developer. He managed to handle things independently and is a good team player who can help driving the team forward. I had overlooked Dennis' talent and capability at first until I worked closer with him and found his work impressively amazing and with lots of hidden talents. He could definitely bring lots more brilliant ideas and go further without boundary!

picture of Elaine Chan

Elaine Chan

Executive Team Assistant at Nova Founders Capital

Dennis take the challenge to join us and learn new technologies and work with scrum/kanban methodologies. He is self driven and always willing to accept a challenge. He took full ownership of our front end's javascript, css and responsiveness by working close to UIX, Back end developers; definitely a great team member.

picture of Javier Gloria

Javier Gloria

CTO at Nova Founders Capital

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