My Drum Cover of Evanescence's "Going Under" on a Low-Budget Setup

February 21st, 2024

My Drum Cover of Evanescence's

Drum Cover of Evanescence's "Going Under" on a Low-Budget Setup

I'm excited to share my latest drum cover with you! This marks my fourth drum cover, and I've chosen to perform Evanescence's "Going Under." Despite using a low-budget setup with just an iPhone 6+, I'm thrilled to showcase my love for drumming and my growing interest in music. Drumming is also a vital way for me to unwind and find balance in my life. It serves as a stress-reliever and offers a much needed escape from the demands of work and everyday life.

Practicing the drum score for "Going Under" has been an enjoyable experience. When it came time to record the cover, I used what I had available a simple Apple iPhone 6+ setup. While it may not be the fanciest equipment, I've learned that passion and dedication matter more than expensive gear.

I'm happy with the drum cover I've created. With each beat, I poured my heart and soul into the performance, aiming to capture the essence of the song. This cover represents a milestone in my drumming journey and showcases my growth from practicing. The drum score for this cover was transcribed by Herry Lo, adding to the overall quality and accuracy of the performance.

I invite you to watch my fourth drum cover of Evanescence's "Going Under," filmed with passion on an iPhone 6+. It's a testament to my love for drumming and my commitment to honing my skills.

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I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more exciting music in the future! Feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel @Sik7 Mode to stay updated and connected.

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