Awesome Dad Builds 180-Foot Backyard Rollercoaster For His Kids

picture of 180-Foot Backyard Rollercoaster For His Kids

Clearly, being a parent is not easy. As a matter of fact, from the looks of it, you have to go above and beyond every so often to keep the family intact. Take Will Pemble, for instance. This dedicated dad decided to craft together a 180-foot rollercoaster right in his backyard for his kids.

After forking over $3,500 of his own money and putting in over 300 hours of work, Pemble found himself with a backyard coaster that every kid dreams about.

It was mostly constructed out of lumber, which Pemble picked up from a nearby lumber yard. After shaking up the Internet with his recent creation, he decided to created a website where he posts updates on “The Coaster Dad Project.”

Check out the video above for a closer look!