Discovered an infographic to explain what is front end web developer for who misunderstands

One of the most dynamic roles in the world of web today is that of the front-end developer. Always keeping up with design and code trends, it is the front-end specialist who keeps a website’s experience on the cutting edge.

To understand the role of a web developer, it’s important to understand the overall process and players involved in a website’s development. From the visual look created by a designer to the code structure created by back end developers, it is front-end talent that fuses the two. To help you understand what a font-end developer does, we decided to create an infographic that breaks it all down.

picture of a front end web developer life by skilledup

One of the major demands of a front-end developer is staying on top of design and code trends to always present the most relevant, inviting and engaging visual experience and interaction for users. A front-end designer is responsible for combining the strictly visual work of designers with the behind-the-scenes structure created by back-end developers.

With an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of the nuts and bolts that make websites work, he (or she!) is responsible for coding the look of a site. Ultimately, the front-end developer is responsible for creating, testing and implementing the workings of all the visual and interactive elements of a website.

Image : SkilledUp
Quote : Brad Zomick
Source : SkilledUp