Edjing’s wireless crossfader will give DJs even more control, even fewer reasons to own turntables

Budding bedroom DJs and wannabe DMC finalists will be getting a new a new tool to add to their arsenal later this year in the form of a wireless crossfader called Mixfader.

Launched today by DJIT – the company behind the popular DJ app Edjing - the Mixfader does as you might expect: it let’s you control playback between virtual decks when used in conjunction with an app.

While any self-respecting DJ app will give you a virtual crossfader, the Mixfader has been designed specifically to let ‘turntablists’ make the precision movements required to carry off more intricate scratches or mixes.

Connecting via Bluetooth, the fader will play nicely with “any smartphone or tablet,” according to the company and won’t suffer from latency issues when trying to pull off technical scratches. You wouldn’t want lag ruining your best DJ QBert impression, now would you?

What Edjing isn’t ready to disclose right now is the price, although it’ll undoubtedly end up a whole lot cheaper than a new mixer and a set of decks.

The Mixfader is set to arrive this Fall, and when it does, there will be one less reason to dust off your real turntables.

Quote : Ben Woods
Source : TNW