Father.IO - Augmented Reality and Ready to Take Gaming to a New Level

picture of father.io

Straight out of Italy, from the company Proxy42 Inc comes a brand new multiplayer FPS, called Father.IO, that also focuses on augmented reality. The idea is that this game relies on the handsets’ camera to provide you with photorealistic shooting.

Using an UI overlapped with your surroundings you can shoot it out with similar players in the area. You’ll take place in geolocated quests, gather resources and take on various areas as your own. There’s also a factions concept, ones that you can join or destroy. The project also involves an accessory called 363R, a gadget that integrates an universal latching on mechanism and probably also bundles a Bluetooth module.

The idea is that using this extra accessory you can perfectly target and hit a mark at 50 meters in distance. We don’t have a price or clear launch date, but you can get on the waiting list here. It appears some crowdfunding is expected to happen before this idea go live. How does it sound to you?

Quote : Alex
Source : androidworld.it