If you use WordPress, you need to know about this button

picture of wordpress.org

Some readers will see this post and shout “HA! How could you NOT know that?” But most of The Next Web team didn’t know it until today, and I’m willing to bet that we’re far from alone.

Pasting into WordPress is a pain because the formatting comes with the text. You end up with messy font and color changes and loads of unnecessary DIV and SPAN tags in the HTML.

Natt Garun, our Commissioning Editor, was frustrated that when pasting in contributors’ posts she has to either edit these all out manually or do a plain text paste and manually add all the links back into the post. She asked our dev team if they could create a solution, and then Nick Summers showed us all the answer that had been staring us in the face all along – the Clear Formatting button.

picture of clear formating button on wordpress panel

Yes, click this and your WordPress life will never be the same again. All formatting is stripped from the text but all links are retained. Genius.

Buy Nick a drink next time you see him. I know I will. And if you already knew about this button? Buy yourself a drink.

Image : Shutterstock
Quote : Martin Bryant
Source : TNW