Imgur lets you GIF all the things with new Video to GIF converter

picture of video to gif banner

The GIF is one of the internet’s native art forms and few websites have as big a repertory of the medium as Imgur. Still, finding the right GIF can be hard, and making your own is even harder, so the website is now introducing its own GIF creator.

picture of imgur interface

Simply called Video to GIF, the tool lets you use many popular video sites as sources for your animations; simply copy the URL into the input field to get going.

It’s a pretty rudimentary tool so far – you can only trim videos and add some text – but nevertheless appreciated.

It’s worth noting, however, that sometimes the animations will default to your standard GIF file, other times to Imgur’s recently introduced GIFV format (an MP4 variant) – it probably has to do with the clip’s length.

picture of result by imgur

If you’re on a desktop (there’s no mobile support yet) head on over to and see what you come up with.

Quote : Napier Lopez
Source : TNW