Intiwebsites for dummies: What are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP?

What exactly goes into making a website? HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP… Who in the what now?? Let’s explore the differences

I’ve found the best approach when learning about something new it to keep it simple (stupid).

The difference between HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

I found this basic and incomplete diagram (resplendent with typo) to help us out.

picture of Difference between HTML, CSS and PHP

HTML – Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is the building-blocks of web pages. It’s a programming language that allows you to add text, images, links and other pieces of content to your sites. It’s there to create the basic structure for a website.

CSS – Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This programming language creates the look and feel of the website. Font size, colour and type, as well as styling around images, page layout, mouse-over effects and more are determined by CSS.

JavaScript – It’s a programming language which runs in your browser. It creates interactivity in your websites for things likes calculations forms and logical conditions.

PHP – means Personal Home Page. It’s also a programming language that makes a web page do things, but it doesn’t run in your browser. It runs on a webserver. PHP is generally used for giving and receiving data to and from the database.

For the Visual Learners

Another simple diagram looks like this:

picture of another simple diagram for visual leaners

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