Not a good font - Pepsi Teams Up With Rape?

What a difference the wrong typeface can make.

It’s hard to imagine an advertising error greater than this one: Pepsi partnered with Japanese clothing company BAPE (A Bathing Ape) to cross-brand Pepsi and BAPE’s sub-brand Aape. Unfortunately, a poor choice in typeface choice ensued, and the Aape “A” ended up looking a whole lot like an “R.” So Aape became Rape.

Pepsi x Rape! Live for now!

picture of Pepsi ad in Hong Kong MTR station

Of course, the inevitable question of “how did no one catch this?” has already stormed Reddit. I’d posit that, in this case, it might have been that the marketing message behind one of the largest soda brands and most respected fashion brands in the world may have actually been produced and proofed by a surprisingly small team of people. Even still, how did no one catch this?

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