SideCar: Laptop to Tablet Connector

This simple little piece of silicon can instantly give your mobile workstation a significant boost.

Dual Screen on the Go :

It’s better together!

Have a tablet and a laptop? Need to be more productive on the go? Then hop on the SideCar and start using your devices together. SideCar™ elegantly and safely links your tablet to your laptop. Use your tablet as an external monitor for that small laptop screen (via third party apps) or simply navigate through your tablet right next to your laptop screen.

Safe and easy to use

Simply slide your tablet and laptop into SideCar. That’s it. No messy adhesives or glue, just the magic of SideCar. Durable and environmentally friendly silicone securely holds your precious devices together and protects them from scratches.
Compatible with Apple Products

MacBooks and iPads, meet SideCar

We envision SideCar as the bridge between ALL laptops and tablets, but we’re starting out small and testing the market exclusively with Apple products in order to fulfill the pledges of our backers as soon as possible.

iPhone Compatibility :

Simple and Elegant Patent-Pending Design

Source : KickStarter