Sidestage helps you book bands and musicians for all your events

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Being a gigging musician and keeping the booking list filled is a pretty tough task, but with today’s launch of Sidestage they now at least have one more method to get the message out.

Acting as a platform for anyone to discover and book musicians for private events and parties, it also allows for instant booking, taking the stress out of those last minute hunts for entertainment. Unlike the existing model for booking acts, Sidestage allows the user to communicate with musicians directly, rather than a manager or agent and book acts in one click.  Naturally, the cost of the act is displayed on each profile page, but there are also provisions for allowing musicians to tweak the final price they charge, for example, if there’s a particularly long journey involved and they need to make sure they cover costs.

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While it seems like a win-win for end-users and musicians, Sidestage isn’t the only player in this market so it’ll need to carve out a niche of its own to ensure long-term survival. A spokesperson for the company says it differs from rivals like Gigit by providing a simpler booking method aimed at the average joe, rather than booking agents.

Quote : Ben Woods
Source : TNW