The Lifesaver iPhone Case can discreetly alert authorities when you’re in trouble

picture of an iphone case

The Lifesaver Case is a new crowdfunding project that is building an iPhone case that you can use to secretly send out an emergency alert with your location if you’re ever in danger.

The polycarbonate case includes a slider button on the side that, when activated, will place an Enhanced 911 and send your location, identifying information, and microphone and video camera input to authorities. An LED light will activate to let you know that a request for help has been sent, but the app runs discreetly in the background, so your attacker won’t know that you’ve activated it.

picture of iphone lifesaver case

Early bird backers on Indiegogo can pick up a case for $59, but it will retail for $99 when it goes on sale. The Lifesaver case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and later, and it’s scheduled to begin shipping in August.

Creator John Powell set out to build the Lifesaver after a terrifying experience where a man tried to abduct his daughter on her way to school. Several non-profit groups, including The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Veterans For Missing And Exploited Children, and The National Network to End Domestic Violence, have endorsed the device.

With attachments like the Yellow Jacket stun gun iPhone case and the Lifesaver coming to market, inventors are getting serious about how to use our phones to keep us safe. Hopefully, you and your loved ones won’t ever have to activate the Lifesaver Case, but it’s still worth it just for the peace of mind.

Quote : Josh Ong
Source : TNW