This app lets you discover your favorite artists’ least played songs on Spotify

If you like the idea beyond Forgotify, a web app that surfaces music that has never been played on Spotify, but want more control on what you discover, then you may be interested to hear of The Long Tail - an app that pulls the 50 least played Spotify tracks of any artist into a playlist.

picture of spotify the Long Tail screenshot

“With million[s] of tracks available online, it’s always a challenge to find something new,” writes Alexandre Passant, who says that he whipped The Long Tail together in between watching World Cup football games.

The nice thing about this app — which is built using the Polymer web platform and Spotify’s new web API — is that the playlists it generates transfer to Spotify’s desktop app once you hit play in your browser. That’s a neat touch, though I did find that some tracks weren’t available in my region (UK), which might explain why they are among the least popular.

As a Spotify user, I’m easy sold on different ways to find new music and have already added this neat little app to my toolkit.

Image : craig cloutier / Flickr
Quote : Jon Russell