This MacBook case lets you dress up your laptop with LEGO bricks

picture of brik case

Many people use their laptop lids as canvasses to express themselves with stickers and decorative skins. The Brik case takes for MacBooks takes things a step further and lets you customize it however you like with plastic LEGO-style bricks.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the case comes with a bag of 100 1×1 bricks for $30 and ships internationally. It fits MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro models manufactured in 2012 or later, and is compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, and K’NEX bricks.

picture of brik base laptop case

The team behind the Brik Case says that it’s easy to clip the brick plate on easily, and the 1×1 bricks allow you to slide your laptop in and out of bags without losing them.

Naturally, you can use bricks of various colors to create your own designs. What I find interesting is that you can also add functionality to your case by building a holder for things like business cards and pens.

picture of brik business card holder

If you’re particular about what you’d like to display on your case, you can pledge $300 to get bricks and instructions to recreate five custom designs.

If funded successfully, the Brik case will ship internationally this August.

Quote : Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Source : TNW