Tumblr and truTV Are Going to Make a Show About Life Hacks

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Tumblr users, this is your moment.

A new TV show coming to truTV, home of such series as Hardcore Pawn and Impractical Jokers, is set to enlist the help of Tumblr users in order to produce a show about ways to make your life easier (because that iPhone 6 can’t do everything for you…yet).

People hoping to contribute ideas to the show, called Hack My Life, can do so at hackmylifetrutv.tumblr.com.

The show marks the first time “Tumblr user-generated content will be featured as a major component in the production or creative process of every episode of a weekly series,” the network said in a news release.

True as that may be, however, it’s far from the first time a network has reached into the depths of the internet for inspiration. CBS tried but failed to turn the Shit My Dad Says Twitter feed into a successful TV show, but that 2010 effort proved to be a bust, despite having internet-loved William Shatner toplining the project. Meanwhile, E!‘s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills had slightly better luck, with the Instagram-inspired reality show set to return for a second season.

The series is scheduled to premiere in January 2015. But, honestly, you can also just stay here and let your ole pal Mashable show you everything you need to know about life hacks.

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Source : Mashable