What would Twitter look like as a man? Fashion photographer personifies 8 social networks

There’s such a thing as taking anthropomorphism too far. Or is there?

Fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta, who has a somewhat over-the-top creative tech vision, last year re-imagined what Web browsers would look like if they were actual women in the series called, What if Girls Were Internet Browsers? Each model, dressed up as a browser complete with the proper colors, had a distinctive personality and identity to match the public’s browsing experience.

Why stop there? To give equal time to the guys, Pashuta recently released a new photo series entitled, What if Guys were Social Networks? with models dressed up as Facebook, Instagram and … you get the picture.

picture of twitter man

Each model was chosen to represent the “spirit” of the social network he inhabits. It was not merely a matter of matching logos and colors, but delving into the character of what the network represents to users.

Said Pashuta in her blog, “Even though they share very similar functions and features, each social network has its own character and style: Facebook depicted as casual, Twitter as classic, Pinterest as creative, LinkedIn as Business, Instagram as vintage, Flickr as artsy, Tumblr as hip and Google + as innovative.”

picture of Instagram man

If social networking plays a significant role in your life and even if it does not this series gives humorous insight into the various social networking personalities at least as perceived by one photographer.

“It may be subjective, but this is exactly how I imagined the networks would look like if they stepped down from the computer screens to the streets,” Pashuta said.

Quote : Jackie Dove
Source : The Next Web