Why you should focus on mastering one thing at a time

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If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to master a new subject or skill, it might be because you are trying to tackle too many things at once. According to James Clear, the most successful way of mastering a new skill or habit is by focusing on one thing at a time, and creating a plan.

New psychology research shows that you are two or three times more likely to stick to your habits if you create a plan for when, where, and how you will perform the behavior in question. This can be applied to adopting a new lifestyle habit, such as a diet or exercise plan, as well as learning a new skill, such as a programming language or learning technique. Whatever you may choose to learn, the crucial detail is to execute that intention by planning out how to accomplish your specific goal.

To test how effective this technique is, a research study was conducted on two groups. The first was a control group that was not recommended to lay out a future plan for their intended habit change ( which was to exercise more often), and the second, a variable group that was asked to write down their proposed plan of making exercise a habit. This intended plan, known as “implementation intentions” had the variable group state exactly when, where, and how they would implement their specific habit change. Numerous studies conducted later on have resulted in a similar finding: in order to implement a permanent habit change, it is important to focus on one thing at a time.

What Should We Take From This Study?

Instead of trying to learn three new skills and making two lifestyle changes in your life all at the same time, focus on just one thing first. For instance,  start with learning a programming language by itself.  Once you feel comfortable with that new skill, you can plan for a new lifestyle change. Whatever your intended plan is, it is important to write down your final goal. For instance, maybe it is to learn Ruby on Rails on Savvy.

In that goal, be sure to include how often you will take a lesson, where you will learn this coding language, and what you will do to ensure you learn Ruby on Rails. Once your intention is written out, you are more likely to accomplish that goal. But remember to follow through this goal before you take on another new challenge or skill. By taking things one step at a time, you will find yourself actually mastering each specific skill and accomplishing your goals!

Quote: Sharleen Dua
Source: Savvy.is