Become an EDM master while destroying all productivity with Super-Looper

picture of Super-Looper webapp

If you want to make sure your productivity comes to a full and complete stop, you should check out Super-Looper, an interactive music site that lets you compose your own loops.

The site lets you create loops with four drum tracks and single rhythm, chord, bass and lead tracks. The result is a fun way to quickly laydown a layered beat that you can share via Facebook, Twitter or with a direct link.

I made my own Super-Looper track, although I found it difficult to get a perfect loop while tapping the record button. I also have about 70 browser tabs open, so your milage may vary.

The site mirrors the Super-Loop app for iOS. Both are experiments by Universe Labs, a bespoke app-building company that creates “headlining interactive experiences.”

Marketing speak aside, Super-Looper is a fun way to ignore all the work you’re supposed to do today.

Quote : Roberto Baldwin
Source : TNW