Couple social network Between makes it easier to buy gifts by launching an e-commerce store

Between, an app that originated from South Korea for couples to share their moments in a private social network, is developing its platform as it launched an e-commerce store today first in South Korea, where 60 percent of its users are. This comes after billion-dollar Japanese mobile games firm DeNA invested in Between earlier this year, which we predicted would lead to an array of other services including mobile commerce and games, as DeNA is most well-known for that.

Between is teaming up with local Korean partners such as 10×10 and Wincube Marketing to launch a gift shop for couples, where mobile coupons will be issued for them to redeem their presents.

picture of a korean made e-commerce app

This comes as Between says it has crossed 7.3 million users worldwide, with 1 million users in Japan — within a year of entering the Japanese market. VCNC, the company behind Between, also announced today that Japan’s Global Brain Corporation and US-based 500 Startups have invested in it, though the amount of investment wasn’t revealed. The two investors join VCNC’s latest venture round, the one led by DeNA in February.

Image : Shutterstock
Quote : Kaylene Hong
Source : TNW