RunKeeper’s new Goal Coach feature taps user data to tailor your fitness objectives &training plans

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Prennially popular GPS fitness-tracking app RunKeeper has offered training plans for a while already, but with an update rolling out today for its iPhone app, the company is introducing a new feature that aggregates data from across the platform to personalize training plans and goals.

The company says that those who complete fitness goals typically log 50% more miles and an average of 30% more workouts per month than those who don’t set goals. And with Goal Coach, it’s all about ensuring users are working towards achievable yet challenging goals.

With today’s update, you’ll see a new ‘Goals’ tab (formerly known as ‘Training’). You then indicate what your motivation is (e.g. ‘Lose Weight’), and Goal Coach guides you towards the right target and training regime based on what it knows about you and others who match your profile.

Though the feature itself is free, RunKeeper is also tying it in with its paid-for Elite service to offer weekly updates on your progress and other suggestions on how to improve your training. On a related note, RunKeeper Elite will be doubling in price to $9.99/month or $39.99/year for new users from May 1 – so you basically have one week to lock yourself in to the current lower prices.

Goal Coach will be arriving in the Android incarnation at a later date.

Quote : Paul Sawers
Source : TWN