Stems, a new open file format for DJs, makes mixing easier than ever

picture of DJs - Stems

Native Instruments announced earlier this year that it was working on a new open music format designed for creative mixing and DJing called Stems.

The new format lets you split the tracks into four elements – usually bass, vocals, drums and synths – so you can control each one independently. This means you can add effects to individual elements, mix specific parts of different tracks together and get instant access to acapella or instrumental versions of tracks.

The stem file format isn’t new for anyone who’ve used Ableton Live, but now it’s a way for DJs and producers of all levels to experiment with their tracks.

It’s not just DJs and producers that can benefit from the open format though, labels and retailers could potentially start offering stem versions of tracks at a premium price to make some more revenue as well.

Stem tracks play on any software player that supports MP4 formats, making them iTunes-compatible as well.

Stems is available today on music stores Beatport and Traxsource.

Quote : Amanda Connolly
Source : TNW