These Custom 3-D Printed Headphones Offer Antidote To Apple’s Beats

picture of 3-d printed earphone by Nikki Kaufman

Beats by Dre–those bright, clunky earphones marked with the coveted lowercase b–enjoy the sexy status once held by the Apple AAPL +0.22%’s white earbuds of the early iPod era. So much so that Apple’s Tim Cook plunked down $3 billion to buy the brand. There is a fledgling streaming music service attached, but the Beats deal was all about the hardware. Yes, a pair of Beats comes with a high price tag (the baseline model costs $199.99), and some argue, low sound quality–still Beats are everywhere.

While many want to own the latest fad–others want something unique and one of a kind. Normal, the custom 3D printed earphone company launched by former Quirky member Nikki Kaufman, might have what those folks are searching for. For $199.99, Normal will build you a set of headphones tailored to every weird curve and bend of your earlobe. Each pair is unique—even your right earphone will differ from your left.

Quote : Steven Bertoni
Source : Forbes